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Listserv is a commercial mailing list management system that allows you to subscribe to or create, manage, and control an electronic mailing list.

Mailing Lists are email-based and can function as announce only, moderated, or as a simple discussion list. Each member that is subscribed to a particular mailing list receives a copy of every message sent to that list via E-mail.

Latest News

10-Aug-2014: Listserv upgraded from Version 15 to Version 16

New Features of Listserv (UB Information Technology news article).

Notable New Features in Listserv version 16*

  • Newsletter Templates: The newsletter template system allows users to send HTML newsletters without expert-level HTML skills.
  • Template Gallery: LISTSERV comes with a gallery of pre-designed and tested HTML newsletter templates that customers can use as-is or modify as needed.
  • Newsletter Testing: The newsletter testing feature allows users to send test messages to their own addresses before posting.
  • HTML Mail Templates: List owners can choose to have confirmation and informational messages sent out in HTML.
  • UTF-8 Support: LISTSERV now supports UTF-8 for subscriber names, list titles and list descriptions.
  • Message Scheduling: The message scheduling option allows senders to schedule the delivery of their newsletters and announcements at a specific time and date.
  • Improved Digest: The plain text digest now displays encoded messages (quoted-printable or base64), both in UTF-8 and other character sets.
  • RSS Previews: The LISTSERV archives now display hovering RSS previews when moving the mouse over the subject line of a message.
  • Improved Archive Search: The archive search has been improved to use more accurate sorting for search results that span multiple pages.
  • CSV Reports: List, subscriber and server usage reports can now be downloaded as CSV files and imported into a spreadsheet or other application.

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