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Getting Help on LISTSERV

If you need help with listserv, first look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for List Subscribers or List Owners, which contains answers to the most common problems.

If the answer cannot be found in the FAQ, then contact the list owner. You can do that by emailing:

where listname is replaced by the name of the list (the name of the list is what comes before in the list address.

If you still need another contact, and you are list owner or are affiliated with the University at Buffalo as either a student, faculty, or staff member, you can visit and open a ticket by clicking the green button that says: "Report a Problem / Request a Service".

For help on using LISTSERV®, send an E-mail message to with no subject and only the word HELP in the body. You will receive an automated reply with additional information on using Listserv. This email will not be read by a human so you will not receive specific answers to questions.

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